Monday, November 7, 2011

shopaholic takes on the weekend.

I love the Shopaholic book (the first one) because I can relate to the main character. Hi, my name is Grace and I have a shopping problem. I learned to embrace it over the years and use it for good. I have become the ultimate shopping buddy because I'm honest and always helpful. Also, it turns out that I am the ultimate bargain shopper. I refuse to buy clothes/shoes/accessories unless it's half-off or dirt cheap. Who says looking like a million bucks has to cost a whole paycheck? Definitely not me! So here's my weekend round up of buys.

Clinique face wash, All About The Eyes Serum, and Chubby Stick in Mega Melon. This stuff wasn't on sale but I did receive two free gifts (which I later gifted one to my mommy who was sick in bed with the flu). But because all of these Clinique purchases were necessities, I was willing to pay full price. (The clinique de-puffer is amazing and I'll write a review on it later on this week.)

I went to Macy's last week and saw this green cape-backed shirt and fell in love. At that time, it was full price and I was tempted to cave and buy it. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I went back this week and it was at 40% off with an extra 20%. I can't wait to run around the office acting like a superhero!

I also got this funky little purple vest from Loft. I call this my nervous breakdown vest because it may not be the cutest thing in the world but it's warm and fuzzy and oh-so very soft. 

Remember my laptop woes? I found this nifty little laptop case (look at all those stars!) and jumped for joy when the tag said it fit a 15 inch. It's a liar! My 15 inch macbook pro definitely does NOT fit into this case. Ultimate fail part two. Why can't I get this right?

On a very weird weekend note, there was rain, lightening, thunder, hail, and snow this weekend. This normally doesn't happen in Los Angeles so imagine my surprise when I see this madness outside my window! Hopefully this is a sign of a good week to come and because I love them so much (and Eminem) here is another Karmin video.

Here's to Monday!


  1. The emerald green cape-shirt looks amazing! You were so lucky to find it on sale when you went back for it!

  2. Woah, the weather looks crazy in LA! I love what you bought recently, especially the shirt as the colour is gorgeous! xo

  3. ah I meant to buy the clinique all about eye roller last time there was a bonus but didn't get around to it:( now I wish I had. The green top looks beautiful.

  4. I love that green top! :) So cute. Ha ha it was freakishly cold where I live this past weekend too...but we NEVER see snow! Yikes! Crazy for LA!

  5. Just came across your blog today! I'm your newest follower! You have great tastes, and I totally buy things too if they're on sale! If somethings super expensive I rationalize it by saying to myself 'its $120, will you get 120 wears out of it, it it worth a whole shift at work'. Ha!


  6. I love the laptop case!!<3

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  7. Great buys! I really wanted that Tracy Reese for Clinique bag. I love Tracy Reese (and Clinique too).


  8. i love clinique! they saved my oily skin :)) cute blog! i am following you and i would love if you followed back :)))

  9. the green caped back shirt is so cute! And i love Clinique! Also, i'm new to blogger and would love if you checked out my blog and follow if you like! Thanks! <3 Mgymnastbeauty

  10. Great buys!

  11. You bought some very nice stuffs dear :)
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment :)
    Kisses from Psycho Cat:*


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