Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Pepero Day!

Today is 11/11 and in Korea that means Happy Pepero Day! I know in the States we honor the veterans so lets combine the two and in honor eat some Pepero. 11/11 is Pepero day because the Pepero snacks look like the four 1's. In honor of this joyous day I brought everyone in the office Pepero. Got to spread culture around to the hard working folk at America's Got Talent.

Side note: I've been having a close to hellish work week. I keep getting thrown different tasks to do so I have been ineffective at the job I was actually hired to do. Hoever, my sister sent me this video of parents who told their kids who ate all of their Halloween candy. I promise you, you WILL LAUGH.

I loved the last girl and the last 2 boys at the end.

On another random note...I want to show you my new kicks I bought and finally wore out! I had my eyes on these bad boys since MAY but there was no way I was going to buy them at $150 so I waited and waited.
The price went up to $180 and I was miserable.
On a random shopping excursion with the madre, I saw these kicks for only $60 and in my size! Scooped them up and we live happily ever after

Have a very KICKY weekend!


  1. Ha ha enjoy your new kicks! I love that video!



  3. Love your new kicks and nothing better than a fab bargain =)


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