Saturday, February 9, 2013


We're in the midst of pilot season. Since my lost real post I have a new job and a completely new life. It's been crazy but 2012 is finally over and 2013 is here!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I need a creative outlet. I'm going to do a bigger update with what has been going on in (basically) the past year. If you've been following me on instragram or tumblr you might have some sort of clue but then again I'm always very cryptic.

Palace of the Fine Arts

Monday, April 2, 2012


Life is getting too weird and I can't seem to piece together simple thoughts to make a coherent blog posts. During my hiatus, I'll be updating my tumblr even if I won't be updating this blog as often. I'm still following y'all and still love dropping kisses and comments! Being confused isn't a reason to shut down communication!
I'll BRB!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This week? Yes. Wednesday...? Thank God! I'm in a state of confusion. A boy has infiltrated and is leaving behind mind-seeds that are beginning to grow and poison. I know without a doubt he will trample on my heart if I let him but it's so easy to fall into the trap even with all the danger and warning signs. Apparently everyone thought something was already going on between me and the boy and I just lived in my oblivious bubble. I always fall into the sister category so this boy threw me off. But he's not here now and today is Wednesday and that means it's time for the weekly instagram dump! 

wearing my Jason Wu for Target skirt with prints on print on print. My boss took one look at me and asked, "what the hell is going on here?!"

 Kid's meal hamburger fun. I love that it came with a gummy candy. 

The entrance to Pantages. I flipped my camera around on accident and noticed this stunning sight. 

 Saturday morning with cheese pastry and awesome coffee.. is there anything better?

With all my thoughts going in a million different directions, I had to get away and I had one of the best Saturdays ever filled with great conversation, company, and food.

We ended the Saturday with amazing Ramen. Yes, we were crazy enough to go to the beach in March that we needed to warm our bodies with some ramen. Ramen Jinya folks. Check it out.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Rewind.

It's the end of the week and about 3/4 of our production team is going on-location and leaving us office folk behind. I can be silly in the office again! To recap this very weird week.

I found out that I give off an unapproachable vibe and that everyone on my floor knew about (apparently) office flirtation and took bets on how it would end. Did not end well for him. hahaha

I went to a very fun event with my sister that consisted of a lot of food and girly fun. It was nice to get dressed up and feel pretty. To top it off, Bliss Spa was there giving free massages. Thank you Lord for answering my last blog post!
 I'm not a big fan of vodka and I don't really like this vodka. Hard Luck is kind of gross but the Orange Dream sounds yummy. Too bad they didn't have any of that flavor!

There were all these different food places and I enjoyed The Lexington's the most. I don't like pork but the honey chipotle glazed pork belly was delicious.

We also got to tour the inside of the Pantages Theater and it was weird seeing this theater completely empty.

View from the stage.

The Pantages is sun-themed.

And now for some photo-booth fun

We are dorks but we love to have fun.

Hope you're weekend it filled with happiness, laughter, love, and silliness!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Insta-day: Stress Relief.

Wednesday-humpday-instagramday. yay! I don't know about you but I have a routine when it comes to dealing with stress because stress seems to manifest physically with me. I break into sweats, my eyeball twitches, my back hurts, my hair falls out in scary clumps. That all happens, but my mind is still at peace and I power through all the physical warnings of "STOP! DANGER! DANGER!" Right now, I'm not at that scary place but I do have a giant knot in my back that I want some cute boy to massage out for me.. either that or some tiny woman with very strong hands. Looking at my few instagram pictures (@thanksgrace) this week, I saw my way of dealing with stress. 

1. Just because you feel awful doesn't mean you have to look it. Meaning, it's time to break out the sky high heels (even if you're just going to look at them on your feet). 
Hello Miu Mius. Thank you for cheering me up for a second.

2. Greasy foods. Luckily, my guilt-free-eating day came during the middle of this stressful time. I get 2 guilt-free days a year and when I wake up... I know it's that day. I can eat almost anything I want and I won't gain weight. But I'm like that only 2 days a year (at most) and I always know it when I wake up. This time around, I spent it eating Mexican food.. Good street Mexican pupusas. Comfort food always does the trick.

3. When nothing seems to work, a nice beer will do the trick (for those over 21). Mexican food and coronas? Yes please!

My stress relief tips are very superficial and will only last for a good 10 minutes so if you have any long lasting tips/tricks please send them my way! 
Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Springing in Sandals

When the weather reaches to sunny and 80, it's time to break out the Nair, shorts, skirts, dresses, and most importantly sandals! My sandals last me approximately one year because I will wear them out. Straps break, soles disappear, and my wallet gets lighter. With every sandal that goes in the trash, one gets purchased. You bet your cutie patootie I'm excited to step into some new sandals. I don't believe in spending an exorbitant amount on flat shoes so here are a couple options that are whispering to the shopaholic inside.

Love the neon pink against the nude color. Oh so very purrrrty

Yes, I do shop at Payless and I love the sweet sandals from Lela Rose for Payless. I don't discriminate with flat(ish) shoes.

On a completely different note from shoes, how amazing is this clutch?!
I love random presents so feel free to send things my way!

Hope you're all having a Springing Sunday!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


My life is getting kind of crazy right now. My last post was about a week ago and it was saying that my current project was ending and now I'm on another show. Is there a way to take a break from it all? I'm overworked. They say you shouldn't live to work but that's where I'm at now and I'm in the office for about 70 hours a week. I want to go and enjoy life but I need to take a break. I have a couple interesting opportunities coming up and I'm not sure if I want to take them or not. 
Oh life. 
Lets pause the current stressful rant and continue onto normal programming. 
It's Wednesday and leap day so that it means it time for the instagram drop. 
You can find me @thanksgrace

Last week, I took out my rook piercing and changed out one of my conch piercings for something a little blingier. I love this tattoo shop though. It's like a pirate boat. 

Salted Caramel Croissant. Enough Said.

In my free time I like to leave myself little messages.
Or make black hearts.
Flashback! Me as a baby. 

I'm still going to be reading, following, stalking, commenting on your blogs (because I'll miss you all too much) but my own posts will be less frequent and less verbose. 

Love you all! 

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Wednesday is time for the instagram recap! Come follow me into the world of reconnecting with the world. I'm all of the sudden a bigger fan of technology today.
You can  stalk   find me @thanksgrace

It's been so beautiful in the past week. The clouds have been doing very dramatic things..

I was also doing a lot of dramatic things. I was wearing a whole lot of pink. I never wear pink but I paired this beautiful pearl necklace with my hot pink shirt and loved the combination together.

I'm going back to eating healthy from now on. At least for lunch.

Hence the trip to the farmers market. This is the photo and the tag that made me weekend great (check previous post for details).

delicious brownies from the wonderful Ms V. Let the stress eating and gaining commence. 

I'm in the final stretch (I think) of my current freelance job. Next week I could potentially be unemployed so why am I not freaking out? 

I think I'm looking forward to a couple days of rest..

Hope you're all having a fab Wednesday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Banging Weekend.

Happy Monday! This morning I face-planted tripped while walking into the office and the response to that is, "so what else is new?" 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. This weekend was filled with food and a very fun run-in. I was at the farmer's market, snapped a picture, and tagged the location on instagram. A very old friend of mine saw that and just happened to be walking his dog in the neighborhood and immediately texted me.  Instagram does more than show off pictures folks! It brings people together. 

He pops up on my phone as "Coolest Person 4-ever!" (that's how old of a friend he is) and I have no idea who this is. After finding out and finally seeing each other we stroll over to get coffee and catch up. It was quite possible one of the best random run-ins I've ever had. I've known this guy since I was in junior high and it was such a blessing to hear how much he has matured and how much he still loves God and hungers for Him. I always feel lika mama bear when I talk about my friends but it was definitely a great weekend. 

What else made this weekend banging?

Well I got bangs..

Not sure if I like them yet. 

And I ate a lot of food and caught up with childhood friends.

Ham & Cheese Croissant with 3 kinds of mustard.

Turkey & Artichoke tartine

It was a very yummy in the tummy weekend. Hope you're all enjoying your Monday! I'm off to go through my google reader and semi-work.