Monday, February 20, 2012

Banging Weekend.

Happy Monday! This morning I face-planted tripped while walking into the office and the response to that is, "so what else is new?" 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. This weekend was filled with food and a very fun run-in. I was at the farmer's market, snapped a picture, and tagged the location on instagram. A very old friend of mine saw that and just happened to be walking his dog in the neighborhood and immediately texted me.  Instagram does more than show off pictures folks! It brings people together. 

He pops up on my phone as "Coolest Person 4-ever!" (that's how old of a friend he is) and I have no idea who this is. After finding out and finally seeing each other we stroll over to get coffee and catch up. It was quite possible one of the best random run-ins I've ever had. I've known this guy since I was in junior high and it was such a blessing to hear how much he has matured and how much he still loves God and hungers for Him. I always feel lika mama bear when I talk about my friends but it was definitely a great weekend. 

What else made this weekend banging?

Well I got bangs..

Not sure if I like them yet. 

And I ate a lot of food and caught up with childhood friends.

Ham & Cheese Croissant with 3 kinds of mustard.

Turkey & Artichoke tartine

It was a very yummy in the tummy weekend. Hope you're all enjoying your Monday! I'm off to go through my google reader and semi-work.


  1. Ouch I hope you're okay. Random run ins with old friends can be so nice!
    Bangs can take a little getting used to if you haven't had them in awhile. I think you look cute :)

  2. Love the bangs :) They suit you :)

    Say x

  3. Haha, ouch! That food looks delicious and I'm diggin the bangs. Cute blog :)

  4. mmm that looks so delicious, your hair looks great!

    xo Gillie

  5. I LOVE the bangs! Super cute, doll!
    xo Josie

  6. looks delicious!

  7. Yeah for instagram!! ha ha that's so funny. I love your bangs and you ALWAYS eat the most delicious looking food!!!!

  8. I absolutely love it when something like that happens and you re connect with an old friend unexpectedly!
    And the bangs (or fringe, if you are in the uk!) are great!! x

  9. i'm loving the bangs girl! wishing i had the face shape to rock those bad boys too!
    xo TJ

  10. Omg I am suffering some serious food envy right about now Miss Grace. Love your pics! Pop by my blog soon dear friend :) Barbie xxx


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