Wednesday, February 8, 2012

bloop. insta-drop!

It's Wednesday and we all know what means.... Insta-FUN! This past week's instagram drop is a bit shorter than normal. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Please send me happy thoughts & prayers this week. Already, everything that could go wrong went wrong and everything that shouldn't go wrong...followed suit.

I enjoy this little blogging outlet of mine and, honestly (seriously), catching up on everyone else's blogs is the highlight of my day. I love being able to plop down in front of my computer and read/see what everyone else is going through and experiencing.


 On to dropping it like it's hot.

I think I mentioned my lovely Star Wars' ring before. This is my favorite purchase in NYC from a lovely little designer Verameat. I was in NYC for her launch. I was lost walking around SoHo and saw a sign for free cupcakes and that drew me in. Thank God for my sweet tooth and poor sense of direction because I am now the proud owner of a Millenium Falcon ring. This ring and I already have been through so much...
I know I mentioned these lovely boots in a previous post. This was one of my swaggerific black friday purchases online and they are now my new favorite boots. The zipper zips all the way down...
I have a strange obsession with trees and Brentwood is FULL of weird looking trees. There is an entire LANE of trees and all of the houses have the weirdest looking things ever. I love how this bark is all marled and tangly and so beautiful.

Hello Chains of Love! This is by far my most favorite purchase of this year. Every single time I wear this I get a million compliments. People stop me on the street and ask me what I'm wearing. It's so delicate and beautiful. Yes, I do love you!

Apple Cobbler cupcake. I think I'll take one everyday please.

The best part of instagram? I can be on it and look through pictures all day and people will think I'm doing research on my phone. You can find me @thanksgrace


  1. OMG that ring is like all kinds of awesome! And those boots are too! I'm totally digging your taste in jewels and footwear :D

  2. I love your boots. And that cupcake, oh -- YUM.
    xo Josie

  3. I'm loving the angled zipper on the boots! Looks great!!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  4. Love those boots..and is it bad that I wouldn't have known that ring was from Star Wars?! eeeeeek. fail.

  5. That chains of love bracelet is so awesome! And I'd never have thought of apple cobbler muffins, but they sound so delicious :)

    Say x

  6. i can't tell you how obsessed i am with that star wars ring! perfection!!!!
    xo TJ

  7. Grey boots have been on my wishlist for ages, so I'm totally jealous and want to steal them right off your feet. Yep. Any chance you wear a size 8.5?!?

  8. You always have the cutest instagram shots, I have the app but I haven't really mastered how to use it yet. Those boots are absolutely gorgeous and that ring is really fun!

    xo Gillie

  9. I want all of your accessories and those boots are to-die-for!

    I'm Pinning Away on Pinterest. Lets follow eachother!

  10. oh wow, that armlet (????) is so gorgeous! Sorry youve had a poop week, i'll be thinking of you! xxx

  11. Your purchases all look really fun and lovely, especially the ring! My best friend is a bit of a Star Trek nerd and she so doesn't look like one. So when she wears a star trek badge she gets lots of nerdy looking dudes gawking at her. It truly is the funniest thing to watch!



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