Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's Wednesday and that means that this week is almost over. Life is getting harder. Out-dates are coming up, so that means people are trying to jump ship, others are trying to sabotage... everything is a game and I'm tired of playing. I'm sorry but I have more important things to worry about (like the color of the sky) than how to sabotage the person I'm working with. This is why I want good things to happen to good people.
This week, I cancelled all of my after work meetings (including night and weekend work-meetings) because I really need me-time. I find myself snapping at people at work or sticking in my head phones and tuning everyone out.
I'm angrier and more frustrated with everyone. My patience is wearing thin with the people I actually care about. My ears won't listen and my heart doesn't want to love. 
My empathetic side has shut down and I want it to wake up. I don't like being cold, short, and impatient.

hmm.. wake up! It's only Wednesday...

But it's now February and that means presents, cakes, flowers, and chocolates.

Lets get 
on to the 
I wanted to share the Disney love to my coworkers so I bought a box of taffy.

Delicious, yummy, cupcakes made with love from a sistah!

Carbs were a necessity.. Sorry diet but processed white flour was calling my name.

My friend was cleaning out her closet and found this gem! I said it was the perfect pouch to place your rings when washing your hands.

At Paris Baguette. The coffee cup is a boy! 

Minnie Mouse bow. I love that Mickey is on the backing..

This weekend was full of clear, beautiful skies!


  1. I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with people at work. You are just the sweetest girl..and I hate to think of ANYONE being harsh or mean to you! Just keep being the sweet girl that brings in taffy! Wish I worked with you! :)

  2. Oh grace! so sorry work isn't being a fun place to be. I'm glad you are making 'me time' though, its really important!
    Try and keep the balance between work and home where you want it to be, I know its hard but if you lose sight of what makes you happy life gets hard! xxxxxxx

  3. Happy Hump day! Hope your week gets better.
    Little Twin Stars! I haven't seen them for years. Still cute!
    I can totally linger in Paris Baguette which is prob. not such a good thing.

  4. What is taffy? Sorry I've never heard of it before! I'm sorry that work isn't good at the moment, I hope that you find what makes you happy. It's good that you cancelled your night and weekend meetings, you definitely need some you time! xx

  5. I hope your stress goes down soon! That all looks so delicious

    xo Gillie

  6. don't worry, i think we all have those times in which we feel tired and don't want to be around a lot of people. hope you feel better soon!
    xo TJ

  7. Comfort food and shopping makes for excellent me time. I'm sorry things are bad at work now, but that's wonderful that you are carving out some time for yourself to relax, unwind and not harm a co-worker :)

  8. unwinding from stress is really a must.. we must not ignore this because if we do, things might just not turn out right... we must have time to unwind and relax and treat ourselves to be able to recharge and regain strenght and proper mindset.. always stay positive in everything even though situations at times may not be that good.. hope you'll get by the week and still have time to enjoy.. God bless you!!! love love love your blog!!! following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  9. The Minnie Mouse bow is so cute!


  10. Such great photos! I love instagram!

  11. Lovely photos.

  12. How sweet of you to share the Disney love at work! And those biscuits look so tasty!
    xo Josie

  13. Incredible and fun!

  14. oh my gosh grace, little twin stars!! i love!! my sister and i used to have a lot of their stuff as kids, that is way cute!! here's to better days at the office, i know how that can get at times - you just have to ride the wave!
    xx, kristina


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