Monday, January 30, 2012

my favorite game.

My favorite game to play is guess the price tag. 

The rules are:
 1. look at the item. Really evaluate it but don't look at the price tag.
2. Guess the price and set the item down.
3. Flip over the tag, shoe, item, whatever and look at the actual cost.
4. If your estimated cost is the same as or less than the actual cost, head to the cashier.

The best part of this game, is that there's no loser! If I guess correctly, than I walk off with a new bag, pair of shoes, article of clothing, fancy earrings.. If I guess too low, then I walk away with knowing that the item was not worth the cost. Either way, I come out of the shopping experience as a winner.

Being the frugal gal that I am, I guess too low so I walk away most of the time. When I do make the purchase, I feel a sense of pride for snagging such a deal.

 I saw this bag at Zara's sitting on the sale section with no sales tag. It said $60 and I turned to my sister and said that if the bag was $30 I would buy it. I walked over to the cash register and asked the very nice salesman to do a price check. He rang it up and told me it's $29.99 so I walked out with a new bag.
These shoes were a pre-birthday present purchase. I have a feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot in the next two weeks. I said if they were $60 then I would buy them. The sale was an extra 70% off so I did a price check and turned out they were $68. However, I noticed that the sticker on the bottom said 195 and he rang up 250. I pointed out the error and a bunch of recalculations occurred. The shoes ended up being $58 because the sticker on the bottom of the shoe was incorrect.
I love a good deal. 

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with greatness.


  1. I've never played this game but it sounds fun and I like the win-win premise. It's such an awesome feeling when something rings up less than what you though it would be isn't it? :) Great scores. The shoes are fab!

  2. That bag looks the the perfect camera bag for me! Now I'm determined to find one for myself online... slim chances, but I'll try haha


  3. Great deals and great them both! x

  4. i'm like you in the sense that i LOVE a deal - i will have to try this game sometime!! cute stuff!!
    xx, k

  5. What a great game, I really need to do that instead of picking something up and acknowledging the price but buying it anyway even if it is way too expensive. I love the bag! xo

  6. Ha ha I am liking this game a lot...and I am loving your prize!

  7. Holly hottness! Those shoes are to die for! I love your eclectic taste, such a hip young thing! Love the post and the pics pretty! Love Barbie xxx

  8. That's the best game ever!! I go through magazines and pick out everything I'd buy if I were rich :) It's quite fun although it's making me desperately want to win the lottery!

  9. i love this idea, and i think that it seems very practical. if you are paying more for something that does not look the price, then it is definitely not worth it. playing this little "game" from now on! :)
    xo TJ

  10. I LOVE your new Zara bag! Too pretty for words.
    xo Josie

  11. Oh my gosh! I love this game. the shoes are adorable!


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