Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeing in instagram

A little round up of pictures from my instagram. I love this app! You can find me @thanksgrace if you are a user. 

 At the hardware store, cutting some wood. 

 Crumbs cupcakes

 Anthro inspiration. Love the lights

Yummiest Mac & Cheese as a part of our New Years Eve meal.

NYE feast

Love the colors of the tommy toes.

My sister is a goofball!

 cutest salt and pepper shaker

yummiest sandwich from a place near work.

Can you tell I love food? It was my greatest comfort this week. 

Happy Friday Y'all! Hope you have a YUMMY weekend!


  1. I can see you love Instagram :) I love photo you made, it looks you had really great time !

  2. That last picture looks INCREDIBLY yummy!!! and I absolutely LOVE those Mason Jar lights!! I'm going to have to figure that out!

    All The Love In The Universe.

  3. the food all look so delicious!!! and haha your sister is funny

  4. The sandwich looks really yummy. Kisses from Spain.

  5. That mac and cheese looks so delicious! Great pictures!
    a dash of GLAM

  6. That mac & cheese looks phenomenal!! You just made me homesick. My younger sister is a goofball too :D

  7. First off....I am obsessed with mac and cheese, second...your sister is hilarious...and third....your anthro light idea is awesome!!!

  8. That mac and cheese looks so good! I wish that I had the instagram app, it looks really fun :). xo

  9. grace ~ that mac n cheese looks divine yum!! and how very self-sufficient you are on the wood chopping haha!
    xx, k

  10. Those cupcakes look so so amazing. Loving your blog.

    Ask the Duplex

  11. That mac and cheese. Those cupcakes. Lady, are you trying to KILL me?
    xo Josie

  12. The cake looks soooo good!


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