Sunday, January 15, 2012

a little sparkle and shine.

A little birdie this weekend tipped me off to ShopJeen via instagram. I immediately checked the shop out and found it was this amazing online accessory retail store. I have a major sparkle addiction so this was like lust heaven for me. In her about section, Erin explains that she wanted to simplify the online accessory shopping and I think she succeeded. She has a little bit of everything for all different types of women and for all different types of paychecking. I think my upcoming paycheck may be in a little bit of trouble.

For the classy, glamour girl:
For the young at heart:

For the simple yet va-va-voom:

For the every-girl:

Yes, I think I may want them all! Accessories, jewelry make me beyond happy. I think it's because I can express who I am but I can go back to being business Grace with just a few simple moves. Take off the rings and earrings and all of the sudden I'm ready for the big meetings. Also, who doesn't love sparkle and shine? Whenever I'm stressed, sad, tired, I throw on some sparkle and my spirits are lifted. Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday. 


  1. Love the brightly coloured necklace... perfect for summer!
    Just signed up as your latest follower!

  2. yep, sparkles make things better for sure. i love these accessories!!
    xoxo, k

  3. Ohh...can't wait to check the shop out!!

    I'm loving those last earrings - such a great shape.

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend! xo

  4. I love the top one, so stunning and classy! A real statement piece :)

    Say xD

  5. I ADORE that first necklace! Too pretty for words.
    xo Josie

  6. oh gosh, i am obsessed with all of these! especially that first necklace. lovely!
    xo TJ

  7. crazy fun necklaces!!!

    Thanks for your comment yesterday. I posted my response to the video today. Would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for being a part of the conversation.



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