Monday, February 6, 2012


While growing up, America's Next Top Model was a guilty pleasure of mine. I love the drama, sass, fashion, drama, and the overwhelming amount of knowledge that comes out of Tyra's mouth... There's this one instance when Tyra went off on one of the contestants. She screamed, "You don't know me! You don't know where I've been or what I've been through!" So whenever I have one of these exasperated moments, my insides turn into angry-Tyra-yelling-at-one-of-her-girls. It does bug me when people make great sweeping comments about who I am. I consider myself a very private and shy person. It's almost painful how private I actually am. There is probably 1.5 persons in this world who actually know me and can accurately predict who I am. Yes I do go on angry rants but no I don't actually hate people. Why yes, I do work hard but you have GOT to be kidding if you think I'll do your work for you and then cover for you! Yes, I love fashion and style but...okay, got me there on that one... LeSigh...assumptions... please don't treat them like facts. Don't make me Tyra you!

On a much happier note (and random tangent), I do want to dream! dream, dream, dream of a fantastical place. These pictures from Jeannine Tan, featuring Anna Denton, and styled by Kelsey Genna make me want to dream.

I dream of barefoot beach days while wearing fabulous dresses with flowers in my hair.


  1. ha ha I love the spunk in this post! :)

  2. you look gorgeous grace and u have a lovely blog,kip in touch and follow me,i will follow back

  3. Dreamy photos, I love the flowers in their hair :)! I know what you mean, I hate it when people think that they know me through and through and they actually don't. My mum used to say to me 'I know you more than you know yourself' which I disagree with! xo

  4. Lol @ Don't make me Tyra you! It really is the worst when people just make assumptions about you.
    Escaping to the beach to frolic in pretty dresses and flowers in your hair actually sounds lovely.

  5. Gorgeous, I love how ethereal she looks in these shots! ANTM is totally a guilty pleasure of mine, I can never resist those all day marathons that they show from time to time haha

    xo Gillie


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