Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Insta-day: Stress Relief.

Wednesday-humpday-instagramday. yay! I don't know about you but I have a routine when it comes to dealing with stress because stress seems to manifest physically with me. I break into sweats, my eyeball twitches, my back hurts, my hair falls out in scary clumps. That all happens, but my mind is still at peace and I power through all the physical warnings of "STOP! DANGER! DANGER!" Right now, I'm not at that scary place but I do have a giant knot in my back that I want some cute boy to massage out for me.. either that or some tiny woman with very strong hands. Looking at my few instagram pictures (@thanksgrace) this week, I saw my way of dealing with stress. 

1. Just because you feel awful doesn't mean you have to look it. Meaning, it's time to break out the sky high heels (even if you're just going to look at them on your feet). 
Hello Miu Mius. Thank you for cheering me up for a second.

2. Greasy foods. Luckily, my guilt-free-eating day came during the middle of this stressful time. I get 2 guilt-free days a year and when I wake up... I know it's that day. I can eat almost anything I want and I won't gain weight. But I'm like that only 2 days a year (at most) and I always know it when I wake up. This time around, I spent it eating Mexican food.. Good street Mexican pupusas. Comfort food always does the trick.

3. When nothing seems to work, a nice beer will do the trick (for those over 21). Mexican food and coronas? Yes please!

My stress relief tips are very superficial and will only last for a good 10 minutes so if you have any long lasting tips/tricks please send them my way! 
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hmm somehow my stress relief involves cute shoes and yummy greasy foods as well. The effects may not be long lasting but they're sure great in the moment. For a more long term solution, I'd suggest yoga and video games (the kind where you get to beat the crap out of people) are also an awesome way to work out any aggressions ;)
    rolala loves

  2. Awesome shoes! My stress relief usually involves greasier food :p

  3. omg, ice cold corona and mexican food soothes the soul on a stressful day!


  4. Alcohol definitely seems to relax me too, haha! :) I love your ways of dealing with stress. Having a drink seems to calm me down and chill me out too. xx

  5. shoes always make me happy! and great food! and so what if superficiality does the trick right? cheers to no stress grace!

  6. Gorgeous heels and greasy food = win, win! xo


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