Friday, November 4, 2011

lets round it up!

I've been having the hardest time falling asleep lately. It's quickly approaching 3:30AM and all I keep thinking is, "I have to be at work in a couple of hours." However, today is Friday so hopefully I can catch up on my sleep over the weekend (after hitting up the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale). In honor of Friday, I'll leave you all with some things that made me happy this week.
the candy-dot dress, nude pumps, and crazy bowl cut? What is not to love?! Pic is from Jak & Jil

You do not want to mess with this chica. When seeing crazy tall stilettos, my reaction is always "You can kill someone with those shoes!" *cue graphic scene from movie* So I'm glad Chanel (yes, the classy Chanel) played with that sort of concept and sexy, vampy heels! Also from Jak and Jil

My co-worker's PC is a wee bit confused...

For the first time in a LONG time, the majority of my hair bows (missing the two pearl white satin bows that were on my head) are all happy to be with each other and not scattered all over the dresser and desk. I am not organized when it comes to my accessories.  

 I stole this from my friend's Her name is Jenny Kim and she's currently studying at Duke (where this picture was taken). If you're on you can find her and follow her under Jennyyura. She is fabulous!

And now I will leave you with Karmin!

Karmin is a super talented musical group that I fell in love with this week. They have such an unexpected sound and they are a real-life couple! I absolutely adore them and hope that they continue to produce music for years.



  1. Thanks for sharing the video! I love their sound!! Happy weekend! :)

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  3. wow you have so many pretty bows! Lovely. That video is awesome! They're really good x

  4. Ha ha oh my those shoes....those balloons are so cool....and the video is awesome! :)

  5. DId i miss the sale yet?! Ahh! haha and that mac cover on a PC? Macs are the best!! :) those balloons are supes pretty colors, too :)
    Lovely Little Rants

  6. Great inspiration! I love the first photo and the crazy heels!

  7. I LOVE the Chanel heels. Amaze.

  8. the bowl cut: really? haha and i love the picture with the balloons in the trees, the whole composition is amazing! love it.

  9. Great cover!

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  11. Great post!

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  13. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. Your blog is wonderful. I will be sure to follow. Love those heals too!

  14. those are some funky shoes with the gun heel, n m loving your bow collection, lovely post! xx


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