Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Laptop Case Closed.

I've been searching and searching for a year for the perfect laptop case. Why has it been so difficult?

1. I forgot the size of my laptop case and bought a case for a 17inch macbook
2. Tags on laptops lie and say that they a 15inch laptop when they clearly do NOT (see picture below).
3. I am very frugal and refused to spend more than $25 for my laptop case. 

However, the perfect laptop case was waiting for me and I knew this in my bones!  A few weeks ago, was having their clearance sale and I saw the most gorgeous laptop case ever. Genuine leather, beautiful brown, and it said it fit a 15 inch laptop. Not only that but the price was originally $155 and it was knocked down to $23

Immediately clicked purchase and tried to check out. However, the site was so swamped that checking out took forever! I was ready to give up when the order finally went through. Two days later I received an email from apologizing for the inconvenience and gave me $20 credit. Making my $155 laptop case only $3! I wasn't excited just yet. There would be major disappointment if the case didn't fit so I waited patiently for the mail. When it finally arrived....

It Fit! 

any boy-oh-boy was it worth the wait!


  1. wow what a great deal you got on it! I just found your blog..I really like it so far. Definately going to follow you :D Hope you check mine out as well!

  2. Oh wow that's an insanely good buy!x

  3. Such a lovely case! And an amazing deal!

  4. Ha ha! Yippeee!!! :) Love that one too! You're so cute.

  5. haha you're so cute! congrats on your new lovely case! :)

    B xx

  6. SCORE! I love a good deal!

    PS- I gave you an award on my blog today! Go check it out :)


  7. you are absolutely adorable, grace. totally enjoyed browsing, and you're fun to read. enjoyed your photos also, and hope you have a happy holidays! new follower from new england! :) hope we can stay connected. cheers!


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