Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday!

The tradition this time of the year has always been:
eat Thanksgiving early (around 2PM) 
sleep around 10
wake up at 3
hit the mall at 4
shop shop shop
eat breakfast
watch a movie.

This year, my poopie sister broke tradition. She and her husband went up to NorCal to spend Turkey day with his family. Yes, I wanted to be that selfish! Thus she left me without a shopping partner. Luckily, I did all of my Christmas shopping early this year so I didn't have to go. As you may or may not have guesses, I am really frugal but I have a major shopping problem. And a bargain-hunter/shopaholic cannot sleep during the ultimate shopping morning of the year.

So I dragged my butt out of bed, dragged my mother out of bed, and went off to the mall.

 This was the crazy line for h&m. I was across the street but still could not capture the entire line. Store opened at 6AM and this was taken at 4:30AM. The line wrapped around Americana and into the parking lot. Yeah, I was not prepared to wait in that line.. so I didn't.

The massacre at the Macy's boot department. Luckily I bought my beauty boots online the day before.

Oh yes, another steal. Boots were originally $495 and I paid a whopping $180! I cannot wait for these badboys to come in the mail.

Got this coat from Macys. $235 for $80

Damage also includes:
-a sweater from anthropologie at 80% off
-scarf from AE at 40% off

But it's not over yet! 

My heart is swooning for two more items..

Black or Gray? What do you think?

and this Hooded Gillet from Asos..

My tiredness is coming out in spades now. I think I should sleep before I make anymore rash decisions!

Happy Black Friday Y'All!


    Thats insane!!!! And I like the black sequined pants!!! Happy black Friday


  2. that vest is so rad!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo

  3. I love black friday
    my favorite holiday!
    that forever 21 line was crazy
    I wouldn't have waited either
    thanks for the comment, I like your blog :)

  4. want to go to forever 21 !! so cute ! :D
    xoxo from spain sweetie

  5. that was a crazy line! i say black for the pants!


  6. Holy cow! I am so glad I was snuggled in my bed this morning...the pictures of everyones' lines are nuts!! THat is an amazing deal on that jacket! Props girl!!

  7. Such a great blog! I am following you. have a lovely weekend! <3<3

  8. Definitely the black pants! Seems so crazy. Sorry your sister broke tradition! :( I would be sad too!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. In Italy there isn't Black Friday !
    I love the black pants :) Thank you for your comment in my blog, i'm following you now :D

  10. I had no idea that Black Friday is such a fashion battle! Really like the boots you got and, as for the pants, I would go for the grey ones...

  11. Wow, that line is insane! I ADORE those boots - so perfect and such a good bargain. Nice blog =)


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