Friday, October 7, 2011


At least one Saturday a month, a friend and I go to the Americana early in the morning and we stop by Crumbs to buy cupcakes and coffee before heading over to the theater. This past weekend, we picked Moneyball. This film intrigued me because Jonah Hill was playing a serious role. We all know Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the most amazing, quiet actors and Aaron Sorkin is just beyond at creating, weaving, and fairy-taling.

I really believe Jonah Hill stole the show. He was amazing and very subtle. At the beginning of the film, he would awkwardly swing his arms about while drumming his hands on his thighs. By the end of the film, he was standing up straighter and lost his nervous ticks. Mr. Hill successfully broke away from playing the funny fat best friend and he is now a star actor. Just look at the picture above! My eyes are immediately drawn to awkward Jonah Hill and I overlook Brad Pitt. But I am a strange strange woman with weird tastes. 

Not only was the acting beyond superb, but the sound design really shocked me. How do you build anticipation and anxiety over a moment that already happened and went down in baseball history?
With total silence. The theater went eerily quiet at all the right moments and I was blown away by the emotions that the sounds (and lack of sounds) created. 

And this film is so timely. What do Americans need right now more than ever?!
We need hope.
We need to see that the little guy can change the nation.
We need to believe that money is not the issue.
We must "adapt or die."
Nothing seems to be going right in this world but (as Mr. Pitt says) we cannot sit around playing a rich man's game the way rich men do or we will die! How timely is that message?! And how does Moneyball tie this all together? In a pretty, God-Bless-America, baseball bow. Great film. Now go out there and be innovative! 

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