Sunday, December 4, 2011

re-Wind it Up.

This past week was filled with excitement and wonder. I watched Cirque du Soleil: Iris at the fabulous Kodak Theater. I am a major movie geek. So much so that I studied film and television in college so you can kind of say that I am a movie nerd and this show was every film nerd's dream. The show looked at filmmaking in this weird and eccentric way that only could have existed in someone's imagination. I love watching the cirque shows because I feel like I'm stepping inside of someone's mind and taking a peek into their world. The only thing we were allowed to take a picture of was the ticket...
Everything about this show was intentional. The show was staged at the Kodak Theater, the home of the Academy Awards, and the music was by Danny Elfman who is a music/film legend.
Found some pictures online to share the experience with y'all.
Identical twin aerialists 

images via here

The show is stationed in Los Angeles and this is a MUST for anyone visiting SoCal.

Also some other pictures from the past week.
cherry almond pop tart from Olive & Thyme

brunch at Eveleigh.
 goofing around at Eveleigh.
 studying the menu. Making decisions when it comes to food is very difficult.
I combined my child's necklace (made from toy blocks) with a strand of pearls to youth-up a mature look.
One last word of advice before we all go into another Monday.

Life is short so eat dessert first!


  1. So exciting that you got to go! I bet you loved every second! What a cute little that window! :)

  2. This is so fantastic. I can't wait to see them in February!


  3. This looks like such a blast, and that Pop-Tart looks AMAZING.
    xo Josie

  4. I agreed that 'Life is short, eat dessert first'...haha...

    Fashion Cat

  5. Lol, great piece of advice. The circus looks exciting!

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  7. That pop tart looks delicious! Nice photos

  8. Beautiful pictures sweetie! Looks like a lot of fun..~~

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  9. Wow that pop tart looks delicious!
    Cirque du soleil is always a great time and a fantastic show! :)


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