Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bright Lights.

I like pops of color in my life. I think I'm a rather boring person. I don't say this insultingly but it's a fact. I don't like big crowds and I don't like spending my weekends out and about. I would rather go to brunch, movies, shopping, and spend my day out and my nights in. I think that's true of how I dress as well. I like to wear lots of grays, navys, blacks but then I'll throw in a a burst of color, sparkle, or glamour (sometimes all three).

Kokon to Zai. I want this ring in my life. It's so bright, pretty, and can totally knock someone out. I don't own too many pinks (I think I own one pink top) and I don't own any neon. I'm drawn to this ring and I keep holding my finger to the screen while pretending that I own this lovely piece of weaponry. Can you imagine shaking some big-time executive's hand with this on your finger? It's tough, pink, and on sale.

I love the contrast of the electric blue suede to the graph black lines from Giles & Brother. The blue suede is actually woven into the cuff and that makes it so much more awesome. I don't wear cuffs because I don't like the way they fit into my arm but I think these are wicked enough to make me forget about my wrist insecurities. 

I think I'm late to the Giles & Brother party but I love this bangle from them. It's so simple but I love how the black lacquer contrasts with the gold. This paired with the dynamic blue cuff would make me so very happy.

And because I can't just inject fun into my accessories I got this crazy hoodie

I bought this hoodie at forever21 a couple months ago and I love it. I don't own hoodies but this one made me smile. It reminds me of this rainbow dduk that I used to eat as a kid. It makes me feel soft and squishy (in a good way) and it reminds me of a time when boys were icky and had to be beat up... pronto!


  1. I am right there with you on days out and nights in! :) I am kind of a couch potato! :)

  2. i love your description of that hoodie.... and thinking back on that not-too-faraway time when boys had cooties and were lame and needed a good whack now and again.

  3. We are SO alike :) I am such a homebody and LOVE it. My closet is also 90% dark colors (which makes me look a little Wednesday Addams with my black hair and pale skin :) Haha. I love the jewelry you selected!

  4. The ring is absolutely gorgeous, very edgy <3

  5. i would NOT want to be that person that you would be knocking out, from the looks at that beauty haha!! i love it!! and that sweater is gorge!!
    xx, kristina

  6. ooh, loving the rainbow coloured hoodie! nice :) xx


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